Stedjee Family History

Stedjee Family History

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Edward Isaac Stedjee, about 4 years old -  the original image, and digitally-restored version

Edward Stedjee

Edward Stedjee and Evaline Ruppel

Edward Stedjee and Evaline Ruppel, standing; Carrie Stedjee (Edward’s sister) and Rufus Dey, seated

Edward Stedjee with son Lewis and a grandchild

Edward Stedjee and Dick Ruppel, brother of Edward’s wife, Evaline Ruppel

Edward Stedjee

Edward Stedjee, right, with brother Andrew

Edward Stedjee with son Allan

Bertha Butzlaff, Andrew Stedjee, Evaline Ruppel, Edward Stedjee, Hazel McCoy, Buel Stedjee

Buel Stedjee, Andrew Stedjee, Louis Stedjee (standing); Carrie Stedjee,

Edward Stedjee, Mabel Stedjee (seated)